How To Trade S+R Lines

Depending on your account size and weekly goals you can trade S+R lines a few different ways. Close Full Position At Target: The simplest way to handle the trade is to set a target of 70 pips and close out the full position once the target is reached. The 70 pip target is always 70 pips from the S+R line not from your entry. So for example if you have a S+R line on GBP/JPY at 218.00 and you are entering a long break you target 218.70. As soon as you see the candle reach the 218.70 point on your chart you close. If you enter a short at 215.00 your exit target would be 214.30. As soon as the candle hits 214.30 on the chart you exit. This is by far the easiest way to trade S+R line breaks.

Lock In And Target More: When you first enter you target 70 pips from the line just like the method above. When your target is reached you only close out half your position. You then move your stop loss to break even and try to target more with the second half. If it reverses and your stop is hit you will be stopped out at break even and lose nothing on the second half. You will have gained 70 pips on the first half of you position and 0 on the second half. If however the second half continues to move in the direction of the break that second half can make you 100-200 pips or maybe even more.

Personally I use the second method but I am beginning to phase it out. Closing the position with 70 pips is much easier and safer. After adding up the numbers it seems that the ‘lock in and target more’ way of handling trades makes about the same amount of pips as the easier ‘close full position at target’. So there really is no advantage to only closing out half and trying to target more with the second half.

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