How to Ensure your Long-Term Success on Trading

 Consider the following things to the long-term success on Trading

• Plan every trade on paper before entering it
• Set clear goals : daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
• Journal every trade
• Master the basics, and practice key skills to build competence
• Stick with what you know, don’t try anything fancy without being comfortable first
• Keep a journal to build on success and learn from mistakes
• Monitor yourself and develop yourself
• Study and learn continually with focus on full comprehension
• Manage your money and risk constantly
• Keep your pride and ego in check, they won’t make you money
• Keep a clear head and listen to it, but don’t get caught up in emotions. Stay objective.
• Keep your awareness high, especially regarding time. This is a marathon not a sprint.
• Keep respect for the market, yourself, and your money.
• Think every trade all the way through, including all possibilities.
• Review your trades, your journal, your goals, and your milestones on a regular basis. Build on success and avoid the same mistakes.
• Do your trading in an organized place and adhere to your policies and this success sheet
• Run your trading the same way you’d run your business. It is YOUR BUSINESS.

 #Happy trading &
Good Luck!

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Hope you get profits in Trading

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