Windy Flag Candle Formation

I call this Formation as Windy Flag Candle.It's happened after having high trend  then market move in choppy and perform the formation as like flag fluttering.The Choppy candles do not too movedown or up. Ok I will describe this with image below:

Above is like Flag fluttering so I call Windy Flag Formation.

This is powerful formation.The next high probality is UP.

Here's the result:
Click to Enlarge
And Market is still moving UP...

1. Recommended PAIR: E/U
2. Trade on TREND market.
Ex: Yesterday,In EURO/AMERICAN session market moved in TREND then entering the ASIAN session having a flat.So today in EURO session,you can enter MARKET with BUY position.

3. Do not take too much profit.Only  20-40 pips enough.

More sample


Click to Enlarge

This Formation can also be used in DOWNTREND.Just see the opposite rules above

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Hope you get profits in Trading

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