Goldflight's Renko strategy Trading System

Pairs: All
5 pips renko chart.

10 ema (blue)
20 ema (red)
PJ- Over rsi 7-50-50
PJ- Over rsi 14-50-50
Pivot points on 1 min chart
FIBS on 1 min chart
(Optional) trailing stop EA.

Goldflights HA Smoothed

Long entry:
Block closes above 10 ema, 10 ema above 20 ema, PJ rsi 7 and 14 green. Short entry:

Short Entry
Blocks closes below 10 ema, 10 ema below 20 ema, PJ rsi 7 and 14 red

The trailing ea on the 1 min chart set at 15 pip s/l, 100 pip t/p, 15 pip trail stop, move to break even 15 pips, and 2 pip lock.
In the picture Goldflight's Renko strategy forex system in action.

Trading Indicator
Goldflights HA Smoothed .zip


Forex Indicator
Pj-over RSI.rar



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Hope you get profits in Trading

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