4 Sessions Indicator The Newest Session MT4 Indicator.

4 Sessions shows 4 sessions: Pacific, Asian, European, American. Very nice and useful indicator.

This indicator draws the major four forex sessions: Pacific, Asia, Europe and America. Even though it seems not to be very crucial at the beginning, the right time to trade is one of the most important elements to be a successful trader. During Sydney and Tokyo sessions, prices usually moves in the opposite direction than they do during the New York and London sessions I can tell you many reasons why you should watch the major foreign currency exchange market trading hours carefully:The first a few hours after London market opens is seen very important and often point out how rest of the session will develop.
When New York and London markets overlap, liquidity increases because they are the biggest financial centers in the world.

Winter=2 (UTC+2=EET)
Summer=3 (UTC+3=EET)
This is the difference between the MT server’s time-zone and UTC. By default the MT server’s timezone is EET (UTC+2=EET (winter), UTC+3=EET (summer). You’ll have to change the settings depending on your broker’s time. E.g. if it’s CET you’ll have to set:
Winter=1 (UTC+1=CET)
Summer=2 (UTC+2=CET)
The indicator automatically adjusts itself for DST.
AsiaDesc = “Asia”; Session name
AsiaColor = Aqua; Session color
AsiaOpen = “00:00?; Session open time (UTC timezone)
AsiaClose = “09:00?; Session close time (UTC timezone)
You can adjust all session times manually if you need.

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