Trading Made Simple Forex Strategy

Every trader has a common cycle in the forex market. First you start with a demo account, buy when price goes up, sell when price goes down. Everything seems perfect in first couple of weeks. You decide to open a real account.
Meanwhile you discover that there are many indicators to tell you what to do. Your charts become full of indicators, you can barely see because there is no space left on the chart. You open a position with real money and things start to get harder. Sometimes you close trades with little profits while you could have closed it earlier and gained 150+ pips. Since you don’t have certain rules and strategy, your account starts to melt due to different market conditions. At this point you start to search forums, web sites to tell you what to do.
Finally you blow another account and blame others for their bad calls. Next you search for profitable expert advisors to run on your computer. Of course, you get the same result. Finally you decide to find a strategy that works and you learn new things as you search. Most important thing I have learned to become a successful was being patient (waiting for the right time) and following the strategy that I am using. Of course you learn risk management as well. Ah and one more important thing; never get motioned from other trader’s calls, only trade what you triggered by yourself, it is the only way to learn mastering your system and be successful.
Trades are made between 06:00 GMT and 14:00 GMT. We enter a trade when green crosses red on the TDI at the beginning of that candle. If it is 3 or more candles, don’t enter the trade. Wait for another trade set up. The only exception is if green bounces off red and continues, then it is ok to reenter on the bounce. Exit your trade when the green TDI line goes flat, starts to hook over or makes a check mark reversal.

Trading Made Simple Forex Strategy

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