Magic Regression - The Retracement, Swing High-Low signals MT4 Indicator

Magic Regression is a Metatrader 4 Indicator that provides Regression Channel on the current chart. Combined by Trend of Moving Averages and Multi timeframes Oscillator Indicators: CCI, RSI, Stochastic, and MACD with specific working logic. It could make us easier to identify swing high-low as an entry point, the retracement area while following the current trend. Consists of 2 types of signal, main and secondary. The main signal will draw very clearly triangles and lines on the chart with the word " BUY" or 'SELL'. and the secondary is the star buffers and these are trend follower signals and non-repaint. Swing Traders will love it. It displays some important information on the current market chart. MACD Trend, MA Trend, Swing High-Low Channels, RSI value from higher/lower timeframe, Stochastic value from higher/lower timeframe, Entry Price, Stoploss/TakeProfit price, current spread, and suggestion of the maximum spread. Very suitable for traders who do not have much free time and want to get signals with the target certainty. User friendly, visually clean, colorful, and readable for everyone even the newcomers.

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