Fast Easy 30 Pips Per Trade Strategy and Indicator

Quick Easy Pips™ is in an instant download PDF format.

  • It’s a complete manual for trading the exact system I use to extract my pips from Forex every day.
  • Know well in advance when a trade opportunity will occur (you won’t be glued-to-you-screen like some desk-jockey!)
  • A tried-and-test system (you’ll have the confidence to trade, knowing that you’re following a trader ...and not some self-proclaimed “guru”!)
  • Discover the optimal entry, stoploss and take-profit (you will almost never have to make a trade decision again!)
  • Very small stop losses (no more risking huge chunks of your account on any one trade!)
  • Quick, easy and simple instant download manual (you can download right now and start making pips in less than 30 minutes!)

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