Diversify101 - 3 Month Plan

I wanted to make it really simple...!
Firstly, I wanted to create something that will make even the worse trader profitable. I have created strategy ebooks, easy to use Arrow Indicators, Expert Advisors and even conducted trading classes. My own results were no longer that important because I wanted more to see results from my students and users. I wanted to make sure that my students and users to replicate my success but the success rate was rather low.

So I continue thinking of a way so that anyone can gain positive results. I wanted everyone to have good results. Fellow traders told me it's impossible.

But I continue to believe that it's possible create something so simple that even a 10 year old can follow. I wanted to create a way that will make profitable trading so simple that you actually do not need to learn how to trade. I finally found the answer. I found the way to help all struggling and even advanced traders replicate my results.

The objective of Diversify101 is to double up the money on our investment every 6 months. While this might be an aggressive objective, we have already done it one cycle.
You can see that the portfolio has more than doubled since May 2018. Once we double our portfolio, we will withdraw our initial capital so that we ride on pure profit.
Is this the result you will be happy with in 12 months from now?
$1000 becomes $5000 in 12 months...
would it be a good boost to your portfolio growth?

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