NO REPAINT, Very accurate. Guarantee!

Your chart when you first load it

The Profit Goldeneye panel

Guess what it performs even cooler! Each column signifies something. The manual will explain everything in detail.

At Element Forex, our priority is to develop ONLY the best type of trading systems to a point where it out beats the competition. We have top programmers working for us that have done a marvelous job in implementing our algorithms and strategies into our trading systems. Take a look at the picture above. This is the alert you will receive. It is not like your standard generic MT4 alert with the bell sound effect. Green text will signify a Buy signal. Likewise, red text will signify a Sell signal. Instead of hearing a bell sound effect, you will hear a human voice saying “Goldeneye Alert”. What these alerts mean, and how to trade it will be mentioned in the manual.

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