Forex Flash Pro Robot Trading

FX Flash is built upon proven fundamental trading principles and indicators that have been proven to work. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, just to improve upon it significantly.FX Flash determines the direction of a trend, typically a stronger trend is needed, and then it places trades in the direction of the trend. Basically, going with the statement that trend is your friend. If there is no trend it will not trade. Indicators

Moving Average – FX Flash uses different levels of moving average to measure momentum, which allows the system to determine the direction of the market plus define support and resistance levels.
ATR – ATR Is used to determine how strong a trend is, but not to determine the direction of the trend.
Stochastic Oscillator – This indicator is used to measure whether a pair is overbought or oversold, which helps us determine when a trend is coming to an end or when a new one has just begun.
CCI – CCI is similar to Stochastic indicator in that it calculates whether a pair is overbought or oversold. It provides a second confirmation of whether a reversal or trend is forming.

Price Action
Analyzing the candlestick movement, open, close, high, low, support, and resistance levels, FX Flash, incorporates indicator analysis with price action analysis to determine the best entry points for trading the trend.
Remarkably High Win Rate – Overwhelming number of winning trades for every losing trade. That’s right, were talking about up to 32 wins for every 1 loss, to as low as 5.5 wins for every 1 loss.
Designed and operational on 7 Currency Pairs – FX Flash trades exceptionally well on 7 different currency pairs while delivering diversified trading options. Unlike traditional Forex robots, your not limited to just EUR/USD.

No high stop loss – Don’t worry, you aren’t going to have trades with huge stop loss. This is not necessary with the laser targeted accuracy of FX Flash. Your risk is lower and your investment is more secure. No grid trading – Grid trading can be risky, trades are held open for extended periods of time but fear not, because FX Flash will never use a grid style of trading. Trades are managed as carefully as possible to keep risk to a minimum. Trades rarely last more than a few hours to a day.
No hedging -There’s no need or reason to hedge trade with FX Flash. Trades are not open long enough to justify it. And avoids locking you in an endless maze of one trade being negative and another being in the positive.

No scalping (not broker sensitive) – Scalpers did great in 2011. But today they aren’t working so well. Don’t get me wrong, I love scalpers. And there will be a time for them again in the future, but for now, scalpers are too sensitive to broker slippage, spreads, server delays and, the market conditions aren’t great for them. FX Flash trades profitably without scalping the markets. It keeps trades open for a short timeframe to maintain safety and control.

100% Fully Automated – Set and Forget System – FX Flash is a Forex robot. You run the installer, click a few buttons, and it’s then fully automated. You then do nothing. The system will trade for you while you eat, sleep, and live your life.

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