No Repaint The Beast Trading System

This is an H1 trading system. Trading the lower time frames is a waste of time; trading the higher buggers up The Beast's calculations.

The Beast has two trading systems:
1.  A retrace system based on an idea by MacMan. It uses a “sixths-line” calculation to find optimum Entry and Exit points calculated from bar history for individual pairs. These calculations produce 5 horizontal lines which are automatically plotted on your chart for you; these lines are then used by The Beast for Entries and Exits. The bar history is recalculated at every new bar - enough movement and you get new Entry and Exit points; any unfilled pending orders are moved in line with the new Sixths values.
2.  A trend-following system that trades out of the box created around the middle white line.

Relevant User Inputs are in red; brief descriptions of important inputs are in blue.
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Profitable trade exit:
You have various trade-closure level options, including one to tell TB to calculate the level for
CloseTradeAtGold: closes the trade when the market reaches the gold line
CloseTradeAtGreen: closes the trade when the market reaches the nearest green line
CloseTradeAtMiddleWhiteLine: closes the trade when the market reaches the middle
white line

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