Trading with Advanced CandleStick Strategy Part 2

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Another important feature to take note of in the reversal pattern is the body. If the body is opposite to the preceding trend that makes it a stronger LWP. Again, using a bearish trend LWP as an example, if the body of the reversal candle is bullish it indicates that the bulls have more power.
If the body is bearish, it is still an LWP, just weaker. Regardless, it is still tradable, just exercise a little more caution (using your brain) since it suggests that the bears are still fighting back.


It is stronger simply because the reversal candle itself closes bullish, and it indicates that the bulls have a lot of power. The weaker LWP shows that the bulls reversed the trend, but the candle itself still closed bearish. This indicates that the bears are fighting back.
So remember, a LWP is not just the reversal candle. It is the preceding trend plus the reversal candle. Without a preceding trend, it is not an LWP. It is just a reversal candle.

Grouping Patterns (GP’s)
A GP is a large grouping of reversal type candle patterns in a trend. Again GP’s have two main features so let’s dissect a GP, and talk a little about each feature.

GP Preceding Trend
There isn’t too much to say here. The preceding trend is nearly the same as that of a LWP’s preceding trend. The main difference with GP’s is that I look for a larger trend. I still trade them based off of smaller trends, but they are definitely more powerful when they form in very large and long running trends.


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