Trading with Advanced CandleStick Strategy Part 4

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Support and Resistance Lines (S+R lines)

What Are S/R Lines?
S+R lines are points at which the price finds a permanent or temporary barrier. What we are interested in are these temporary barriers. The S+R lines on all currency pairs have been around for decades. If you look back in your charts to the 1980s you will find that the same S+R lines that worked back then are still valid today.
So what exactly is an S+R line, and why would the price magically stop at some seemingly arbitrary horizontal line? Simply put, S+R lines are areas traders expect the price to have trouble getting through. The line only works because a long time ago the price happened to bounce away from it strongly. Therefore, the next time it reached that same price level, traders regarded it as a break opportunity or a price reversal level, and then traded accordingly. In other words, they thought,“The price bounced away from this line the last time. It might bounce away from it again, so I should be careful.” The more this happened the stronger the lines became, and now they are commonly viewed as areas at which the price will have trouble getting through.

How I use these lines
The basic idea of my method is to place these lines, and wait for the price to reach them. When the S+R line is reached, if it is broken, I expect the price to keep moving in the direction of the break. If instead, when it is reached, we start to see reversal patterns like LWP’s or GP’s form, I trade a reversal from the line. As I stated at the beginning of this e-Book, I like to keep it simple. You can now see that the foundation of my method is very simple, but is also very effective.

Placing S+R lines
Placing support and resistance lines is an art not a science. It will never be a science as long as humans are trading. Support and resistance lines are one of the most basic aspects to trading.
Every trader uses them in one way or another. Each currency pair has highs and lows to which traders pay attention. As you develop your skill at placing S/R lines, you will need to be able to spot the price lines that would be most common to most traders. This is only done by practice and actively trading. Below is a basic outline of how I pick out my S+R lines. Keep in mind that there is a consistency to S+R lines; therefore, you do not have to pick them every week.
There first thing I do when placing S+R lines on a bare chart is identify recent areas of support and resistance.

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This is a very simple process. You just place a line at points at which the price has recently shown support and resistance. Typically you would look for three or more bounces from the same line. An ideal scenario would have the wick of the candle hitting the line, though; it is acceptable to use the candle’s body to place a line even if the wick has moved beyond the line. Even though the candle body is significant you cannot place a line based solely off of candle body bounces. The primary focus should be on the wick.


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