Trend Master EA

How to Use:

1. Put TrendMaster EA in the 'experts' folder of each MT4 platform installed on your PC.

2. Check to ensure that the 'microlots' setting is set to either 'true' of 'false' based on the broker's minimum lotsize.

2. Open the platform and load the EA on 5M charts for each pair. Simultaneaously traded pairs must not be more than 5 at all times.

3. Assign the following pip intervals for the PipInterval setting of TrendMaster:

+ EURUSD     - 45
+ USDCHF     - 45
+ AUDUSD     - 45
+ USDJPY     - 40
+ NZDUSD     - 40
+ USDCAD    - 45
+ GBPUSD     - 50
+ EURJPY     - 50

Running each pair with a fixed pip interval will not cause any form of trading irregularities.
However, a more balanced trading pattern is required for all the pairs because of their individual characteristics e.g. average daily pip movement which varies from one pair to another.

4. The default risk setting of 0.1% (or 0.2% maximum) will yield at least 10% monthly when traded on 5 pairs simultaneously.
For higher monthly returns, increasing the risk percentage should be done with extreme caution especially if the number of pairs are not reduced.

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