PYRAMID v5.0 MA Expert Advisor

Opening of ensuing pending orders (buystop and sellstop) averaging has protection against unjustified opening orders that do not benefit in the homogenization of damages. The opening of the next pending orders (buystop and sellstop) averaging is protected from unwarranted discovery orders that do not benefit in averaging the losses. 

Entering the market by the signals of the two indicator of Moving Averages net orders BUYSTOP or SELLSTOP.
The new system output unprofitable positions without loss of "Smart YTG"
Fully automated trading.
The total allowance for all positions for a fixed profit.
Start with a minimum deposit of 1500 USD.
Proven profit in trading on real accounts.
Automatic control of the lot in relation to the balance sheet and free media "Money Management".
Always goes along with the trend to your financial success!
Currency pair EUR / USD, GBP / USD, EUR / GBP
Time frame M15, M30, H1
Quotes 4 and 5 characters
The minimum deposit at Lot 0.01 - 1500 USD / cent, for each currency pair
ESTIMATE Profit per month from 50%
Entrance into the market USING BUYSTOP, SELLSTOP

You will get this EA in Russian.So if you are not good in the language,you copas description above.

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Hope you get profits in Trading

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