PYRAMID v5.0 MA Expert Advisor

Opening of ensuing pending orders (buystop and sellstop) averaging has protection against unjustified opening orders that do not benefit in the homogenization of damages. The opening of the next pending orders (buystop and sellstop) averaging is protected from unwarranted discovery orders that do not benefit in averaging the losses. 

Entering the market by the signals of the two indicator of Moving Averages net orders BUYSTOP or SELLSTOP.
The new system output unprofitable positions without loss of "Smart YTG"
Fully automated trading.
The total allowance for all positions for a fixed profit.
Start with a minimum deposit of 1500 USD.
Proven profit in trading on real accounts.
Automatic control of the lot in relation to the balance sheet and free media "Money Management".
Always goes along with the trend to your financial success!
Currency pair EUR / USD, GBP / USD, EUR / GBP
Time frame M15, M30, H1
Quotes 4 and 5 characters
The minimum deposit at Lot 0.01 - 1500 USD / cent, for each currency pair
ESTIMATE Profit per month from 50%
Entrance into the market USING BUYSTOP, SELLSTOP

You will get this EA in Russian.So if you are not good in the language,you copas description above.

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PYRAMID MA Expert Advisor

Trade settings for the currency pairs EUR / USD, GBP / USD, EUR / GBP enclosed in a set that comes with a counselor.
Also you can set the work adviser manually. Given the flexibility of setting PYRAMID MA You can create your own personal trading strategy.
Install of indicator MA on the chart
Set Mooving Average Indicator on the chart is not required. The indicator is within the expert(advisor).
Preferences of receiveing signals from the indicator MA
timeframe = 0, / / 1, 5, 15, 30, 60, 240, 1440, 10080, 43200
period_fast = 25; / / averaging period for calculating the moving average.
period_slow = 50; / / averaging period for calculating the moving average.
ma_method = 0, / / 0-3 averaging method.
applied_price = 0, / / 0-6 used price.
extern int shift = 1; / / shift of MA relative to the current bar
Settings of orders grid
start_recede = 30; / / offset arrangement of the grid of orders from existing quotes
steps = 15; step between the opening of warrants in the grid
quantity = 5; amount of orders in the grid
"Trade Preferences"
A new feature in version Pyramid 3.2 MA Money Management (Risk Management)
Choice_method = false; / / - Method of calculating the true-MM from the balance, false-free means of
Risk = 0.5; / / percentage of risk 1 is equal to 1% of the selected Choice_method
We recommend you use the 0,5-0,8 to minimize risks.
CAUTION! For work of function Money Management must comply follow with the rule. Parameter Lots must necessarily be 0 (zero)! Accordingly, the parameter Risk = chosen percentage of risk. We recommend setting within 0,5-0,8%
Lots = 0, / / volume of the lot
alfa_lot = 1; / / move the lot. 1 = step 0,10 - 0,20 - 0,30, 2 = step 0,01 - 0,02 - 0,03
Choice_method = false;
Risk = 1;
StopLoss = 0, / / limit losses. Specifies the distance in pips at which may be at a loss orders and the closure of its loss.
TakeProfit = 15; / / Size of profit in pips
MagicNumber = 87; / / ID of the order.
Slippage = 3; / / ID order
NumberOfTry = 5, / / number of trade attempts
Settings of lock orders
Lock = true / / Enable - true, off - false function of a locking position opening
Lock_pips = 5 / / distance in pips drawdown of order in less through which opens lock order
koef_lot_lock = 2.2 / / exponential multiplication lock order on the amount of orders gone into minus.
MN_Lock_b = 54, / / identifier of lock order for buy
MN_Lock_s = 45, / / identifier of lock order for sell
StopLoss_Lock = 0 / / limit losses. Specifies the distance in points at which care may be at a loss orders and the closure of its loss.
TakeProfit_Lock = 34; / / / / size of profit in pips output without loss of zero positions.
Settings of averaging orders
AV = true;; / / Launching the method of averaging. True-to include, false - disable.
TF_AV = 0, / / opening on time frame averaging order BUYSTOP, SELLSTOP.
exponents = 1, / / cof. of multiplication step between orders for averaging
level_AV = 20; / / Allowable Drawdown in pips of the price of the last opened order
level_OP = 15; / / distance in pips at which is exposed from the current prices (quotes) pending order for the averaging
f_lot_av = 2; / / zoom factor lot of minus position
Description of output without loss function "SmartYTG"
Advisor PYRAMID MA uses a new and very flexible and easily customizable function averaging losses "Smart YTG".
Advisor NOT (!) Uses TakeProfit for fixing orders in the output without loss. Since the nomination averaging TakeProfit is usually large errors in the calculation without loss when there are multiple orders for the overlap losses.
Opening of the next pending orders (buystop, sellstop) averaging is protected against unreasonable discovery orders, which do not benefit in averaging the losses. In the event that there is a loss-making order and course began active movement, and there are about 200 points in a single candle, the adviser will not open warrants at closing every 25-40 points, as specified in the settings, since they're not needed. Advisor will warrant overlap only on the next candle, thus using minimum deposit funds and increasing the efficiency of overlapping losses less money.
Advisor PYRAMID MA maintains a counter of the withdrawal of freezing orders in the amount of gain on warrants used in the homogenization of the deposit currency. Just to increase the profitability of trade is a function trawl stop orders have emerged in the plus. If desired, this feature can be disabled in the settings, then the freezing order will be closed immediately as soon as the order made by you arrived at the designated settings.
Files of trade preferences.
Included with the files supplied with the advisor before the establishment of trade preferences.
Advisor easy to optimize and test in the terminal MetaTrader 4. You can easily create your own trading strategy based on advisor PYRAMID MA

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Forex Blue Box Trading System plus EA

Forex Blue Box trading system is based on quotation moves analysis.

The system employs 2 indicators:
• Forex Blue Box Indicator
• Simple Moving Average

In the 7.15 – 10.15 GMT time span High and Low values are sampled.
Both values are entered into the chart, so that they would be handy when a trader
needs them at the time of placing pending orders.

Forex Blue Box draws a blue box around the borders of the selected region.
As soon as the construction of the box is finished, a trader can place the pending orders.

Order placements
As soon as the blue box has been formed on the chart, it’s necessary to check and
see if it’s positioned above or below SMA.
If the box is positioned above SMA, it’s recommended that you set the following:

Order #1 - Buy Stop Pending Order at price = High, Stop Loss = Low, Take Profit =
20pips from the opening price

Order #2 - Buy Stop Pending Order at price = High, Stop Loss = Low, Take Profit =
30pips from the opening price.
To set Buy Stop Pending Order you need to find New Order button in the Toolbar

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Forex Genetic Advance,Manual and Automatic System

Blue arrow + blue candle + blue Bar … Targets are the pink lines

Red arrow + Red candle + Red bar …. Target is the Green line

Package includes:

1.Secret Manual System (Indicators + Template + Manual)

2.Main System ( EA + Manual)

3.Advance System (EA + Manual)


- Ebooks: Trading Successfully,Traders Emotional Toolkit,Trading Well Checklist,Risk Management.

- Indicators: Trade session Indicators ( 4 indicators),trade time v2

# We are really sorry,we can not provide link download of this System. It is the REVIEW about "Forex Genetic Advance,Manual and Automatic System".

# If you still want to own the System,just you try this way.

Smart Trader EA V0.7

Smart Trader Strategies

 Rule of Thumb:
  1. Use 0.10 lot per $10,000 account.
  2. With the ST4Pair strategy, use at least a $20,000 account and 0.05 lots on each of the 4 pairs.
  3. Limit max orders to suit your trading style
  4. Set the Stop Loss to 2 times the Average Daily Range (SL=2xADR)
  5. When choosing a currency pair, check out the weekly results on the blog.

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Trend Master EA

How to Use:

1. Put TrendMaster EA in the 'experts' folder of each MT4 platform installed on your PC.

2. Check to ensure that the 'microlots' setting is set to either 'true' of 'false' based on the broker's minimum lotsize.

2. Open the platform and load the EA on 5M charts for each pair. Simultaneaously traded pairs must not be more than 5 at all times.

3. Assign the following pip intervals for the PipInterval setting of TrendMaster:

+ EURUSD     - 45
+ USDCHF     - 45
+ AUDUSD     - 45
+ USDJPY     - 40
+ NZDUSD     - 40
+ USDCAD    - 45
+ GBPUSD     - 50
+ EURJPY     - 50

Running each pair with a fixed pip interval will not cause any form of trading irregularities.
However, a more balanced trading pattern is required for all the pairs because of their individual characteristics e.g. average daily pip movement which varies from one pair to another.

4. The default risk setting of 0.1% (or 0.2% maximum) will yield at least 10% monthly when traded on 5 pairs simultaneously.
For higher monthly returns, increasing the risk percentage should be done with extreme caution especially if the number of pairs are not reduced.

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My beloved reader,I am sorry that I can not provide details description of this EA.But If someone has it might share into comment below.
File Included:
TradingFunctions v.1.05.mqh
And Manual in JPG format

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