I think this System Manual is in German,here I tried to translate a part of Manual Guide in english through Google translate.

When Scalpen it comes to cut a small piece out of the market and the very large positions. It requires 10 or 20 pips a day, at positions 5 or 10 Lot even 5 pips of the day. Bear in mind are the = 10 pips with 2 Lot $ 200 profit, with 4 Lot = $ 400 Profit. If we add the 20 trading days in the month, already is a beautiful Sum of money. Important when Scalpen: Do not over trading! Set yourself a goal for the day! 10-40 pips are realistic. If you reached this have you call it a day! The other way, the same is true, set a daily loss limit. This is very important! If you have a daily goal of 30 pips, you can not afford 100 pips up to lose a day! After -30 pips is closing time. Computer off, distracted with sports or other and the next day to continue with fresh head. This is Professional Trading! If you will not stick to it, it nothing will. Professionals know when to stop! Those losses to trade, you accept that! Do not trade out of boredom, but wait patiently for a clean setup! This is also a professional attitude to the professional act heard a lot of patience and waiting.

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