How to Ensure your Long-Term Success on Trading

 Consider the following things to the long-term success on Trading

• Plan every trade on paper before entering it
• Set clear goals : daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
• Journal every trade
• Master the basics, and practice key skills to build competence
• Stick with what you know, don’t try anything fancy without being comfortable first
• Keep a journal to build on success and learn from mistakes
• Monitor yourself and develop yourself
• Study and learn continually with focus on full comprehension
• Manage your money and risk constantly
• Keep your pride and ego in check, they won’t make you money
• Keep a clear head and listen to it, but don’t get caught up in emotions. Stay objective.
• Keep your awareness high, especially regarding time. This is a marathon not a sprint.
• Keep respect for the market, yourself, and your money.
• Think every trade all the way through, including all possibilities.
• Review your trades, your journal, your goals, and your milestones on a regular basis. Build on success and avoid the same mistakes.
• Do your trading in an organized place and adhere to your policies and this success sheet
• Run your trading the same way you’d run your business. It is YOUR BUSINESS.

 #Happy trading &
Good Luck!

Spread Detective Indicator


Would you like to know the exact spread you get when you enter and exit trades?
Have you had any troubles with your broker's spread lately?
Would you like to confirm that the attractive spread that your broker promises you to be the "typical spread" is not in reality disappointingly rare?

Now, you can stop asking yourself these important questions!

Recently we found an innovative tool that will not just show you the spread but will present it using a unique visual meter. This leaves you no room for doubt about whether the spreads have been widened or narrowed lately.

As a loyal subscriber, we're glad to send you the download link for this innovative indicator, called "The Spread Detective".

The Spread detective will show you visually in real time what is the current spread. It will also show you how the current spread compares with the minimal and maximal spread that was recorded since you opened your trading platform.

The Spread Detective was developed by renowned Forex traders Vladimir Ribakov and Joseph Seelentag, who is a world leader in development and testing of automated trading robots. They kindly gave us permission to let our subscribers download their indicator (Thanks again guys! :)

The Spread Detective is designed in a similar fashion to a stereo system's volume or equalizer meter. This gives you the ability to visually evaluate whether the spread you are getting at the moment is widened or narrowed, and by how much.

Behind the scenes, this smart indicator constantly monitors and records all spreading activities performed by the broker. From the moment you attach the indicator to a chart of a currency pair, it will record all spreads that the broker has issued for that currency pair. Just leave the indicator on the chart, and refer to it whenever you wish to open a trade.

With the help of the Spread Detective you can:

1. Confirm before entering or exiting a trade, that you get the best possible spread.

2. Confirm that the attractive spread that your broker promises you to be the "typical spread", is not actually disappointingly rare.

3. Have the ability to quickly know how the spreads widen or narrow during day and night.

4. Monitor spreads during news announcements, especially if you're in a trade during news.

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Click4Pips Advanced Robot and Manual Trading

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 When you get a valid trade ( up/down trend + buy/sell recommendation ) you should check with the entry exit arrows to open/close your trade.
For example, when you get a buy trade signal. You should wait for a BLUE arrow to open a buy trade, then close it when you get a RED arrow ( no need to wait for trend reversal ).
And when you get a sell trade signal, You should wait for a RED arrow to open a sell trade, then close it when you get a BLUE arrow ( again, no need to wait for trend reversal ).
You can use support and resistance levels for stop loss and targets if you don’t wish to wait for an opposite signal.

The best time frames to use with this version of the software are: 15 Minutes for scalping and 1 Hour Time frame for day trading. The best currency pairs to trade are : EUR/USD – USD/JPY – USD/CAD – AUD/USD and USD/CHF To be able to use the software, you would need to download and install Metatrader 4 platform. if you don’t have it already, you can download it for free and open a demo account with any broker you choose. You don’t have to trade with Metatrader if your broker doesn’t support this platform. you can use Metatrader to get the signals then copy it to any other trading platform you are trading with.

The system  available on manual and automatic trading.

You might visit this link to download


I think this System Manual is in German,here I tried to translate a part of Manual Guide in english through Google translate.

When Scalpen it comes to cut a small piece out of the market and the very large positions. It requires 10 or 20 pips a day, at positions 5 or 10 Lot even 5 pips of the day. Bear in mind are the = 10 pips with 2 Lot $ 200 profit, with 4 Lot = $ 400 Profit. If we add the 20 trading days in the month, already is a beautiful Sum of money. Important when Scalpen: Do not over trading! Set yourself a goal for the day! 10-40 pips are realistic. If you reached this have you call it a day! The other way, the same is true, set a daily loss limit. This is very important! If you have a daily goal of 30 pips, you can not afford 100 pips up to lose a day! After -30 pips is closing time. Computer off, distracted with sports or other and the next day to continue with fresh head. This is Professional Trading! If you will not stick to it, it nothing will. Professionals know when to stop! Those losses to trade, you accept that! Do not trade out of boredom, but wait patiently for a clean setup! This is also a professional attitude to the professional act heard a lot of patience and waiting.

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