The Most Profitable Candle Patterns

Candlestick has hundreds of patterns consist of a candlestick to more than five candlesticks that form a pattern. Each pattern has a different accuracy levels. Following the systematics of technical analysis in general, a candlestick has a alert level called "signal" and "confirmation".
Level "signal" means candlestick has formed a pattern that would indicate movement up or down, but the trader is not advisable to OP. The level of "confirmation" means the candlestick pattern suggests traders are already opening position follow the direction of movement according to the patterns that emerge.
All candlestick pattern has a level of "signal" and "confirmation". However, for The Most Profitable Candle Patterns that will be discussed, "signal" and "confirmation"  was limited to suggestions only and can be ignored. That is, when The Most Profitable Candle Patterns emerge, traders are able to feel at ease to open the position without having to wait for "confirmation" anymore.

1.Bullish Engulfing

2. Piercing Line

3.  Morning Star

4. Morning (Doji) Star

5. Three White Soldiers

6. Rising Three Method

HML Family Indicators


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  • HML_Hour1.mq4
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  • HML_Minute5.mq4
  • HML_Minute15.mq4
  • HML_Minute30.mq4
  • HML_Monthly.mq4
  • HML_Weekly.mq4

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