Simple Linear Regression Trading system

I believe this system is pretty easy to follow for everybody, its far away from that so called "amazing" systems, and, personally, I run away from any "amazing" related to trading.
These system have some virtues:
  • Its very good predicting trend exhaustion
  • Its very good prediction turning points
  • It provides very good leading signals
  • It provides very good stop loss and exit points
  • It provides trend and counter trend trades.
  • Works in all time frames
  • Works with all currencies
  • Rules are so simple
I did find few contrary features and I really like. I have been trading with them for long time (some time if we include test period). Some cons that this system have is.
Sometimes misses a big move and the right point to trade comes in the middle
If you're very conservative following the rules sometimes misses a big move
This system is was not thought to be a trend follower. Remember that. Trend followers system gives you the signal when the trend is established. You could try to follow the trend by adjust the R-Squared indicator but does not have too much sense.

Simple Linear Regression Trading system 

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