Dark Forex Strategy

Before we start remember that no matter what you are trading, what your strategy is, you have to follow three important rules in order to make profit. Do not use high leverage. Risk and money management are important part of trading. One more important thing; never get motioned from other trader’s calls, only trade what you triggered by yourself, it is the only way to learn mastering your system and be successful.
Open EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF or any other major pair that you want to trade. Set chart time frame to 15mins and apply the template (you can download it at the bottom). Take a look at Manual Dark Strategy

The right side of the chart is not a part of this trading system, however it is very useful because it will remind you economic news releases, session open and close times. It’s “! IN10TION NewsReader v09.99k lite.ex4” (Read more about IN10TION NewsReader indicator) MetaTrader Indicators (you will download it later) etc.
Now let me explain you Manual Dark Strategy, it is very simple. Examine the chart below please:

Chart Explained
1. This is non-lag ma indicator which is a part of this trading system so pay attention when it changes color. 2 This line shows daily open value. 3. SSL bar which detects trend on larger time frame. Manual Dark 

Strategy Trading rules:
Trade only between 06:00 GMT and 21:00 GMT. Ignore the signals generated after these hours.
Go long (buy) when both non-lag ma (1) and SSL bar (3) are green.
Go short (sell) when both non-lag ma (1) and SSL bar (3) are red.
Take profit: 60 pips
Stop-loss: 30 pips

You will get alerts by Dark Forex Strategy but take care about other info from chart before you open position.
SSL send alert M240 as you can see on SSL properties that is H4 time frame, you always need to read for which time frame are you get alert. Because you can look at M5 chart and get alert for H1 time frame.

How to download click here

*The Most of problems regarding the download links have been solved.Please let me know if you find the link doesn't work,contact us here
Hope you get profits in Trading

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