How to Create an EA Part 2

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8. This step can also be passed directly by clicking on "finish". If you do, then external variable can be typed directly from the MetaTrader. Such stiffened if not much time to do the coding
It will be opened MetaEditor with a view like this:

How to create an EA

9. Expand worksheet so relieved and unsightly

How to create an EA

after unfolded, it was clear that a single worksheet MQL4 (EA) consists of several parts. :
Part. 1. Header File: contains the author information or owners
Part. 2. Copyright and link properties
Bag. 3. Initialization function. this function to initialize some variables EA
that the coding deliberately inserted into it. This function works only one time that when you first drop into the EA in drawing this chart.
Part. 4. Deinitialization function. This function only works once when EA shut down
Part. 5. Start function. function is called and comes to work every time a new tick.

Then we make the Code for user input that more less like this:

How to Create an EA

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