Ultra Scalper Forex System Indicator

Ultra Scalper Forex System Indicator

How the System works
As the majority of trading systems, Forex Ultra Scalper utilizes a system, known as a “Signal Generator – False Signals Filter”.Forex Ultra Scalping begins to operate the very instant you loaded indicators into a chart. The system analyzes previous price activity. Based on that activity, the system creates a few possible scenarios of further activities. Minute by minute, new computations are being made. Activities fitting the predictions, calculated by the system, allow for the next computations to be even more precise. The signal
generator, based on the price analysis, finds an optimal moment in time for opening an order. Afterwards, a signal is passed on to a filter block for even further processing.

The “Real Deal” with the Forex Ultra Scalper
The product has one of the Up-to-date modern algorithms, designed around our “Ultra Smart Prediction Technology”.The main ‘staple’ is the Filter Block, (that blocks false signals), that we, in all honesty, consider our Pride and Joy.This block analyzes all possible incoming data: Dynamics of quotations activity Time of the day and market activity during different sessions Volume Spread expansion dynamics Quotation activity the very same time, but the day before The presence of divergence and convergence - both at quotations as well as oscillators All these computations are done “on the fly”, in a split second, sending the resulting signals to a trader.

Package Contains the following indicators:
  • ultra_signal.ex4
  • ultra_filter.ex4
  • User's Guide (PDF File)
Open any chart in MT4.
Please use M1 Timeframe only.

For more details read on PDF File user's Guide.

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