Silver Trend Signal indicator Forex System

Silver Trend Signal indicator Forex System

This System is reviewed by Rita Lasker.

How It works
  • You can use any currency pairs, any timeframes, any brokers.Once installed the Indicator will show Aqua and Violet points fromtime to time.
  • When you see Aqua point under the bar, open Buy order.
  • When you see Violet point above the bar, open Sell order.
  • All the signals work while the relevant bar is “open”.
  • You have to close the order when the bar closes.

Good luck with your trading!


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michale wong said...

I like the way you explain the techniques using Forex Signals with reference to forex market.

hardik bhawsar said...

I get tips from both your blog as well as Epic Research Private Limited which makes me confident enough to trade in versatile market conditions.

TraderNews said...

Thanks...for your post.

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