Multimeter 2 Forex System Indicator

Multimeter 2 Forex System Indicator

FX Multi-Meter II
An all-in-one indicator that was inspired by !x-meter. It provides at a glance alot of information that would normally require many charts and indicators and general screen clutter. It was designed to give more precision to both trade entries and exits and provide an instant snapshot of a currency pair's movement. Multi-Meter works on any currency or timeframe and displays the following...

Standard Indicators 
  • A graph of Stochastic Oscillators on timeframes M1 up to D1. 
  •  An indication of the market trend using Moving Averages on timeframes M1 to D1.
  •  The direction of the MACD on the current chart, and crossing of the signal line and zero line.
  • The direction of a fast 3 period LWMA crossing a 5 period SMA (periods customizable).  The direction of the Parabolic SAR on the current chart for giving the exit signal and also confirmation for entry.
  • An oscillating graph of the William's % Range indicator. This was used because of its fast movement and unique predictive quality. Also because its very good for identifying Overbought/Oversold conditions.
  •  A Bar % Increase/Decrease meter developed to give a direct visual representation of the percentage rise or fall of the current price compared to the last 4 bars. It's simple but effective. The gist of it is that the previous 4 bar movements (close to close) are averaged and percentaged, so if the current bar rises above 100% it is speeding up above the recent average, conversely if it drops below 100% it is slowing down and taking on a more steady movement. Strong price movements are displayed in bright red or green, with varying shades according to the strength of movement.
  • The overall recommended signal to trade, based on the various indicator signals.
  • And last but not least the spread of the currency, in big easy-to-see numbers. 

New in Version 2
  • A History viewer in the form of a vertical line that can be dragged over previous bars to bring up the history in Multi-Meter. (Beta version)
  • A multi-timeframe Trend Graph showing the direction of 7 customizable Moving Averages on 7 timeframes.
  • An OB/OS Signal Map, showing the Overbought or Oversold signals from 7 different oscillators/indicators on 7 timeframes.
  • Customizable Overall Signal, using a combination of current and multi-timeframe indicator signals.
  • Price/Chart/Currency display that can be switched on or off.
  •  Switch between Default and Compact mode. 
  • Options can now be accessed without reloading onto a chart.


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