This system is currently being road tested but due to the amount of traders wishing to be beta testers I have decided to post it up on the forums to gain early feedback.

The system uses the 1hr timeframe to trade and attemps to identify short term trend cycles from higher time frames on the individual pair traded.
On the 1hr chart there are two higher timeframe PriceChannels (being 4hr & Daily) to help the trader better analyse market conditions.


 There are two templates with this system:!XPS v6 rc001 for standard accounts!XPS v6 rc001m for mini accounts that show pairs with a small m (EURUSDm) in their accounts.

There are few alarms embeded within this system;
The inner PriceChannel alarm, outer PriceChannel alarm, the Scope alarm for crosses and the Oscillator alarm for pending change in trend.
Basically, once the Oscillator has changed colour then we are looking for price to cross the line giving us an entry into the new trend. This is then enforced with the changing of the Inner PriceChannel which uses a higher timeframe than the current timeframe being displayed.

The Inner Price Channel has been automatically set for you.
    1min  TimeFrame will display a  5min   Price Channel    5min  TimeFrame will display a 30min   Price Channel   15min  TimeFrame will display a 1HR     Price Channel   30min  TimeFrame will display a 4HR     Price Channel   1HR    TimeFrame will display a 4HR     Price Channel      4HR    TimeFrame will display a Daily   Price Channel   Daily  TimeFrame will display a Weekly  Price Channel   Weekly TimeFrame will display a Monthly Price Channel   As too the Outer PriceChannel is also automatically set for you.

FRACTAL MATHThe fractal math will show you overbought(+2/8 & +1/8)/oversold(-2/8 & -1/8) areas where price will probably turn around.The menu within the fractal math allows you to choose the following:-Show text on screen.show lines on screen.set the number of bars wide for displaying the lines.show shift lines on screen where the frame will change should price exceed the shift line. show comments.show 1/3rd lines within the larger lines.allow you to adjust type of 1/3rd lines plus color.show color frame on screen. adjust the frame color settings.
The fractal math will display the same settings that the 1hr chart displays on all lower timeframes.i.e. 60min, 30min, 15min & 5min timeframes will all show the same data.(1min will not as it's just a bastard...excuse my french)

SCRIPTSThere are six scripts that come with the system;
XARDBUYER script enables you to take a BUY on the pair that is viewed on screen provided that the Bullish Trend is True. If the Bullish Trend is false then the BUY will be refused.
XARDSELLER script enables you to take a SELL on the pair that is viewed on screen provided that the Bearish Trend is True. If the Bearish Trend is False then the SELL will be refused.
XARDCHICKENSWITCH script enables you to Close ALL Trades currently running.
XARDCLOSEPROFIT script enables you to Close ALL Proftable Trades that are running.
XARDCLOSELOSS script enables you to Close ALL Losing Trades that are running.
SHOWMEAGAIN script allows you to see the Previous Message Alerts on Screen.

After copying the scripts over to experts/scripts folder you will need to restart MT4 and go to Navigator/Scripts.Then simply right click on a script and select HOT KEY.
Choose the following HOT KEYS
Show ME Again... Alt+R (Repeat)
XARDBUYER... Alt+B (Buy)
XARDSELLER... Alt+S (Sell)

Then to make a Buy Trade you simply hit Alt+B  etc...
I hope this helps explain a little of what XPS v6 can do for you.


Oh for those of you having trouble reading the Profit pips & total i.e. display is only showing one tenth of the true amount....say you have made 20pips but it only displays 2pipsPlease remove the !XPS v6 PROFIT and replace with !XPS v6 PROFIT x10 indicator which should resolve the problem.

Xard777 Trading Rules
When placing a trade, use the buy/sell scripts, that way you will reduce Casino Bets as you will only be able to trade in the direction of the Oscillator (Green color will allow UP Bets only and Red color DOWN Bets only).
You place one pair two trades with the trend and that is your maximum bet for that pair in that trend.
If the trade goes sour on you...do not add to the trade and do not adjust the stop loss once set.You can exit a trade before the stop is hit but never adjust the stop once placed.
If you trade with the trend then you reduce the risk factor, if you trade against the trend you Casino Bet.
The house will always win Casino Bets, remember that.
So no trading against the trend, you are not that smart, if you were you would not be trading forex, instead you would be collecting a big fat cat bankers cheque every month.
If you are in a trade with say 100pips stop loss and the Inner PriceChannel goes against your trade then simply close your trade. You will feel better for it later :-)
All the best

How to download click here

*The Most of problems regarding the download links have been solved.Please let me know if you find the link doesn't work,contact us here
Hope you get profits in Trading

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