Renko Scalp Trading System


RenkoScalp_System is Trading system that using Renko Chart as main analysis market movement
We know that renko movement value is based on price change.Not based on Time.This an important thing when we want to predict next market Bull/Bear.Because of Price,Market change Up/Down.

Renko Scalp Trading System

1. Filter.ex4
2. RenkoScalp_HA.ex4
3. RenkoScalp_Signal.ex4
4. RenkoScalp_Stoch.ex4
5. RenkoScalp_DotNRP.ex4
6. RenkoScalp_MSAlert.ex4
7. RenkoScalp_SMF.ex4
8. TzPivotsD_v3.5 (Black).ex4

1. RenkoLiveChart_v3.2.ex4
2. SL-TP_move-by-Mouse.ex4
3. TrailingStop.ex4

We are really sorry that we can not provide download link for the System.This Post is only for review.

If you still want to own the System ,please try  this way.

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where the link download..??

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indicators are missing in .rar file

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