MarketScalper PRO Version 5.5 Forex Trading System

MarketScalper PRO Version 5.5 Forex Trading System


# Powered by the proprietary RAZOR5 algorithm (featuring PureScalpTM
technology), one of the most advanced and profitable scalping (turning-point
detection) algorithms on the market.

# Specifically developed to identify and trade turning-points, swings, and

# Very simple to use: drop it onto a chart, select a trading mode, and receive

# 4 unique trading modes for all money management and risk appetite styles:
Aggressive, High-Probability, Balanced, and even Manual if you feel like taking the
indicator off autopilot.

# User-activated, powerful signal processing filter helps you qualify only the most
probable signals. Available in any of the 4 modes.

# Trade any market (FOREX, futures, CFDs, stocks, indices, etc.) at any time frame -
MarketScalper PRO's integrated neural net automatically adapts.

# Stay constantly in the market by receiving audio (including voice-over), arrow, popup,
and email alerts every time turning points are detected.

# All alerts and signals (including arrows) issued by MarketScalper NEVER
REPAINT, as they are confirmed by the program beforehand. What you see on
screenshots is real-time indicator performance.

# Includes a fully integrated version of Market Snapshot Pro - a powerful market
monitor designed to help you re-validate each signal.

# Fully customize the appearance of arrow signals to fit any template: choose from 9
different types, and hundreds of colors.

# Like all my other indicators, MarketScalper PRO has been thoroughly tested for
profitability. It passed all tests, and performed very strongly, especially with lower
time frames (1-60min).

# Receive MarketScalper PRO fifth generation (v5.x) lifetime upgrade license,including all additional enhancements and features. The detection algorithm is
frequently tweaked and improved as new market behavior emerges.


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