How To Get 90% Back Test Forex strategy

  In using an EA or a facility better known as trading robots we have to backtest the EA to determine whether an EA realible enough to be applied or used as a tool / feature in transactions in forex trading.
Although bakctest not the most perfect tool to determine the quality of an EA but by doing backtest we can know how the outcome of an EA in some time back. And by doing backtest we will save you from the time spent when we use the forward test.

  With backtest also we can find a suitable parameter setting of an EA is and we can also tell when an EA provide maximum results when an EA or suffer losses.
In doing a backtest of the most important things that we need to be sure that the back test that we do have cover or close to history data. In general, to conduct an EA back test well should get a model 90%. So how do I get back test 90% of this modeling?

Here we will try to explain the steps in getting 90% backtest modeling

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