Fantastic Four indicator System

Fantastic Four indicator with the corresponding script is a simple yet effective trading system.

Installation of the Fantastic 4 indicator on any chart.

Then the following procedure:

- A chart open in the morning or in the afternoon (before work). So at best before opening Market of London or New York.
- Looking after the continuous and dashed lines 00, 20, 50, 80
- Place each 4 pending orders (sell limits) to the magenta line on each of the prices which end to 00, 20, 50, and 80 with 10 pips TP
- Place each 4 pending orders (buy limits) under the magenta line, respectively on the prices ending on 00, 20, 50, and 80 with 10 pips TP
- Leave the run now and go to work or do whatever you want during the day. In the evening you look at it you again. Best of midnight. You'll see a lot of pending orders have been executed and has also been closed. Which were not used at the time, delete these and repeat the process the next day.

The scripts to facilitate the opening of the positions.

Fantastic Four 2.1 mq4 (indicator)

@Tutup Semua mq4 (script) for delete all pendin order

!M7_F4.SellLimit mq4(script) open 4 sell pending order
!M7_F4.BuyLimit mq4(script) open 4 buy pending order

Hello, here is a forward test hig risk width some manuals trades at the bigenning using the lines.
I have modified the scripts, they now just open 4 positions, 4 buy, 4 sell.

Be carefull, no SL but width Good MM... and why not add SL. The entries are goods beacause they are out of the range at psycologics levels.


I use this script to close all position : CloseAll.mq4

Download here

How to download: Click here

*The Most of problems regarding the download links have been solved.Please let me know if you find the link doesn't work,contact us here
Hope you get profits in Trading

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