The Most Accurate Trading System
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The System created by Indonesian Trader.

The OP version Trader Rule The Magic Of Scalper "DOME OF THE ROCK" 
The rule is very simple Use the Pair EURJPY H1 TF We OP right at the beginning of the change H1 Candle, Bar Timer Indicator Shows 0% and We OP   opposite with the previous H1 candle.
TP 30 pips Fx brokers 5 digits  and  SL 3000 Pips 5-digits brokers
For more rules ,just read the Manual.(In Indonesian)

X Code _ Buy Sell Signal Indicator

X Code _ Buy Sell Signal Indicator

By Combining with other indicators,it may be powerful.

Windy Flag Candle Formation

I call this Formation as Windy Flag Candle.It's happened after having high trend  then market move in choppy and perform the formation as like flag fluttering.The Choppy candles do not too movedown or up. Ok I will describe this with image below:

Above is like Flag fluttering so I call Windy Flag Formation.

This is powerful formation.The next high probality is UP.

Here's the result:
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And Market is still moving UP...

1. Recommended PAIR: E/U
2. Trade on TREND market.
Ex: Yesterday,In EURO/AMERICAN session market moved in TREND then entering the ASIAN session having a flat.So today in EURO session,you can enter MARKET with BUY position.

3. Do not take too much profit.Only  20-40 pips enough.

More sample


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This Formation can also be used in DOWNTREND.Just see the opposite rules above

QQE Collection_Indicators

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  • QQE new histo + alerts.mq4
  • QQE new.mq4
  • QQE Pcm smoothed new histo + alerts.mq4
  • QQE new histo.mq4
  • QQE Pcm new histo + alerts.mq4


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Insync Index Indicator

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Inside Bars Indicator

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