Elliott Wave Prophet Indicator

Elliott Wave Prophet shows already formed waves on the chart. But these properties it is not limited. This indicator is also able to point out some guidelines for potential movements. This applies to both impulse and corrective waves. Elliott Wave Prophet can identify a specific wave cycle, signal the key levels.

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AAD (Spuds Stoch) v.1_2 Trading Strategy

I will warn you that this is a theory that requires a lot of thinking and attention to detail. To trade it properly requires first learning some or all of the patterns and what they mean and then ensuring that the pattern is the pattern. I also say that I believe I have about 70% of it figured out, so that is why I call it a theory. The last 30% I haven't figured out is riding trades through small reversals....it doesn't hurt me but makes for more work during a trade

source: forexfactory.com

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Simple Stochastic Candle Trading Strategy

This is the simple strategy using indicator stochastic oscillator (mt4 default indicator) and candle pattern.As we know that stochastic can identify overbought and oversold.So the idea is when market already oversold or overbought,then we find candle pattern there,we make OP.

See this image (click to enlarge):

On the image above ;
Time Frame H4
SELL when Stoch Overbought + Candle Pattern
Close when Stoch cross level 20 without waiting for candle closed.

Perhaps,you need a lot of time to get the signal,but you can open several pairs at the same time to save your time. Happy trying and good luck!

Doda Stochastic Indicator

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High-Low Indicator combined with Doda.

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RSI-STOCH Indicator Great to predict OverBought - OverSold

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You can use this indicator to predict overbought and oversold area.Combine with candle/chart pattern, it will be powerful strategy.

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Click4pips - Main robot

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Click4Pips Advanced Trading Robot

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