Easy Way to Install Trading System

Not everyone knows the installation of trading system.Below is the easy way how to install trading system into Metatrader 4.Two things that you should have is trading system itself and MT4 installed on your computer.

1. Extract your file ZIP/RAR of your trading system.
2. Open Metatrader.
3. Click File,Open Data Folder,Open Folder MQL4,Open Folder Indicators.

4. Then find file indicators of your system,copy/paste into folder indicators on step 3 above.
5. Do same with step 4 for file templates,experts or scripts.

6. On your MT4,right click Folder Indicators/Experts/Scripts,choose one of them.Then elect" Refresh".

7. Done.Now you can load template of your system or load indicator one by one into chart.

HLO2 with Automatic Robot Trading System

This is not just a Manual Trading System.But it was combined by an Automatic Robot EA that will make your trading can be in automation.The intelligence multi time frame candle strategy ,overbought/oversold that was confirmed by trend market direction and it works together with trade area channel Indicator.You will have an opportunity to sell in the highest and buy in the lowest.

More Details

Download Trade copier Software

This software is based on 2 EAs; AccountImport-EA and AccountExport-EA.which can duplicate all trading operations from one or even several Metatrader 4 terminals to another.

The system is very flexible to use - you may copy lot sizes from slaves or adjust them, you may set AccountImport to calculate lot sizes with money management function in import account, you may set AccountExport to reverse the trades (i.e. buy instead of sell; useful when copying trades from some badly loosing account).
Export EA will work even on accounts accessible only by read-only (investor) passwords. TradeCopy is licensed only for personal usage and master EA is locked to make trades only on accounts opened for your name. Only import EA (that is used to make trades) is locked to your accounts, export EA can be used to copy trades from any account, even if it accessed by read-only (investor) password.

This download come with Manual Guide.

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2 MA Cross Over MT4 Indicator

2 MA Cross Over MT4 Indicator:

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3 MA Cross Simple Indicator

This indicator show arrows every 3 Ma crossed ,

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Elliott Wave Prophet Indicator

Elliott Wave Prophet shows already formed waves on the chart. But these properties it is not limited. This indicator is also able to point out some guidelines for potential movements. This applies to both impulse and corrective waves. Elliott Wave Prophet can identify a specific wave cycle, signal the key levels.

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AAD (Spuds Stoch) v.1_2 Trading Strategy

I will warn you that this is a theory that requires a lot of thinking and attention to detail. To trade it properly requires first learning some or all of the patterns and what they mean and then ensuring that the pattern is the pattern. I also say that I believe I have about 70% of it figured out, so that is why I call it a theory. The last 30% I haven't figured out is riding trades through small reversals....it doesn't hurt me but makes for more work during a trade

source: forexfactory.com

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